HookupBay Review

hookupbay easy dating site

Hookup Bay is an online hook-up site that is relatively new to the online circuit. It falls in the category of 'Sex Dating.' It was founded in this year, 2020, making it the most recent addition to the online dating platform. It is open to people of all sexual preferences- straight, gay, and bisexual, to name a few. Here is a summary of all the pointers of the Hookup Bay site.

HookupBay Features

The website is simple to use and easy to understand. Hookupbay is not an escort site like skipthegames, it is an online dating platform for free casual hookups. Different search criteria can be used to search for potential mates. They can be listed as follows:


You can quickly narrow down your search by applying the gender filter. With the list of categories available, you can easily select the profiles that interest you, and you can take it from there. For all your heterosexual preferences, you can easily choose from the filter and relate to the options better.

With the gender option out in the open, you can hope to be matched with the same or opposite sex, depending upon your preference.


People can have a wide range of attributes to look up to when it comes to hook-ups even. There are some who prefer not an enormous distinction in the age groups. Then there are others who are into cougars or the other way around and want to get a taste of it.


They like mature and experienced adults. Some enjoy young blood and want to do it with someone from the same age group or younger even.


When they say that a photo makes a lasting impression, they're absolutely right. If their image is attractive enough, you can include specifics like hair color, eye color, and so forth.


It's better to be upfront about your expectations. After all, you are hooking up with him/her, and you wouldn't want to feel like you're stuck in a rut.

-Online status

Since your random hook-up is just a chat away, you can even filter your preferences depending upon whether they're online or offline. Thus, the replies and subsequent activity will be instant.

The online activity of a person is also monitored by the site to make your work easier and, in turn, a pleasurable experience.


Further, you can conduct searches with respect to your location as well. You can specify a particular region or locality to demarcate the boundary for the matches to open or pop up.


Also, these sites are full of creeps who don't take no for an answer. They will continuously try to chat you up and send you numerous requests. To make them disappear, all you need to do is hit the block button to block any activity aimed at your profile instantly. This leaves you to focus on finding a local Milf or a hot teen hookup.

HookupBay Price

There are different types of membership options and various pricing plans to look at.

You can avail of the trial period and take up the membership for a few dollars. The trial duration can be taken for a single day or for as long as a week.

Payments can be made through a credit card. If you don't end the trial plan, then you will be automatically enrolled in the monthly program, which is a recurring type.

For the monthly plans, you can avail the premium membership with one monthly promotion. If you do not cancel the subscription at the end of the month, you will have to continue paying for the subscription even if you're not interested in it.

To solve this issue, there's a non-recurring plan which doesn't charge your card automatically. The premium membership lasts for about three months. If you want to extend the subscription, you need to do it manually.

All of these plans work on money deductions and do not work with any coins, promotional codes, or discounts.

Registering On HookupBay

To be a user on the site, you need to sign up. The sign-up form is easy to fill and can be done quickly. Also, to be a verified user, you need to verify your e-mail address as well.

Hence, everything undergoes a certain level of moderation. All of the photos go through a vetting process before getting posted online. This prevents anyone from uploading pictures of celebrities, sportspeople, cartoon characters, and other stock images so that the chance of a fake profile being created is significantly reduced.

The chances of a fake profile existing on the site are too slim. Every profile is individually looked through and only then allowed. In case if you suspect a specific account to be fake, you can always report it and get immediate action against it.

After a thorough investigation, the profile will get deleted, and you do not have to go through the trouble of either talking through a bot or a non-existent person.

 Anonymous Casual Dating

The level of anonymity is high with access to the photos only in the case of members. Everyone else cannot see your picture. Further, the site functions through a secure connection and has an SSL certificate; thus, there can be no leakage of information to outside sources.

Final Verdict

The hook-up trend is a rage nowadays and seeing a rise every day. If you’re looking for a free snap fuck, hook-up apps like Hookupbay are right up your alley. It is undoubtedly the talk of the town and for a good reason too. It is indeed a two-way street, and you can expect a lot of traffic in your direction.