Is Bedpage A Real Backpage Alternative?

bedpage sex site

Are you looking for a cordial one night stand, or someone to just help you ease your sexual tensions, but don’t have a special someone, or anyone for that matter for you to hook up with? Well what you need is a stranger to help you with this, you don’t know them and you won’t have to see them again after your sexual escapade. But you must be wondering “how do I go up to a stranger and ask them if they want to have casual sex?” Well you don’t have to go up to anyone. Yes it can be nerve-racking, and awkward so don’t worry you won’t have to experience this. If you go online there are plenty of sites that can help you get what you desire the most. One of them being Bedpage, now you may be wondering, what is Bedpage anyway, well this can be explained later on. All you have to know at this moment is that you will have a night you will never forget.

Replacements For Backpage And Craigslist Personals

So do you know how you go on dating websites and you can connect to people you have common interests with and so on. Well this is what Bedpage is, it is almost like a dating website, except for the fact that you are looking for casual sex and nothing more than that. This page was created to replace Craigslist Personals and backpage, which had to shut down due to sex trafficking problems. So it meant that people needed a replacement to control their sexual desires. Hence forth Bedpage was created, it entered the market in 2018, and has been growing ever since.

What Does Bedpage Offer?

The first question that pops into your mind is “what is Bedpage and what do they offer?” Now with one question being answered, it’s time for the next one to be solved. Finding casual encounters is likely the main intention of most of bedpan’s visitors. It is more of a general platform in regards to hookup dating versus milf dating apps or affair dating sites that target a specialized niche. However, they present as more than some site where you can meet hookups and such, they offer way more that. And you may find it unbelievable on what kind of stuff they offer. Now as you know on Bedpage you can post ads, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about sex, or anything to do with that topic. You can post ads on anything, from childcare to real estate. You can find land for sale, or daycare services and such. They have categories from:

  • Adult
  • Automotive
  • Buy, sell and trade,
  • Community
  • Dating
  • Jobs
  • Local places
  • Musician
  • Real estate
  • Rentals
  • Services

If we are taking the adult category into consideration they also offer some great ads ranging from:

  • Adult jobs
  • Body rubs
  • Doms and fetishes
  • Escorts
  • Male escorts
  • TS
  • Phone and websites
  • Strip clubs

If you are interested in any of the above there are ads where you can get the best of all you want. And the best part about it is that these are offered to every city across all states in America, and in most cities of Canada. On their home page they have tabs relating to “sugar babies”, “live GFE”, and “meet and fuck.” So these are a coupe of more things that they have up for people. You could become a sugar baby if you really wanted to, all you have to do is sign up from the site they directed to you. They also have tons of escort links as well, so they really do care about your convenience, that way you can transfer straight from the site. So this is just a glimpse of what they offer, after all their ads can only take you so far.

Pros And Cons Of Bedpage

All things are not perfect, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages of everything, including this site. Bedpage is good because it seems to take the idea of sex trafficking seriously and you have to be 21 and older, or you cannot use it. If found so, legal actions will be taken. Another reason why it’s a good site is because there are local listing all around the world, so you can find it anywhere in the world, and the ones closest to you. There is also no registration required which is a time saver, after all registering can be a hassle. Unlike Skipthegames escort finder site, bedpage seems to at least present as if it is a general classifieds site.

However, there are cons to this as well. First of all it is an outdated design, and may not appeal to your senses, so you could end up not using it as it doesn’t attract you to hit. Plus with that there aren’t any advanced search options, so it is difficult to find exactly what you want. Furthermore there aren’t reviews based on the site, therefore you won’t be able to tell if their service is acceptable. Reviews matter to high degree, so with out any users may be hesitant to use those services.