Which US cities Have The Horniest Women?

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Who doesn’t love sexually experimental women? They are not that difficult to find if you are in US!

Yes, trust us when we say that the USA is the most sexually experimental country. According to a recent survey by Lazeeva, fifteen hundred people among a thousand believe that their sexual score is more closer to five (serious kink) than one (vanilla).

Though our survey is based on social media feedback and not any scientific proof, we can definitely point out that US cities have the horniest women who can do almost “anything”! So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Los Angeles, undoubtedly occupies the first rank and it’s the porn capital of America. This is the recourse to America’s most kinky people (well, there’s a reason of its worldwide fame you see!).

Next come Austin and Miami. These are the homes for the kinkiest US citizens with high libidos. Mostly, horny women in the 18 to 28 age group, are under this group.

For 29 to 39 years old, LA, Las Vegas and New York City are the states with the horniest women. NYC and Las Vegas hold the top spots for horniest women from age 39 to 50 years old.

Also, you may want to know that the horny women from 51 to 66 years of age live in Chicago and Miami.

As they say, age ain’t nothing, but a number! These states prove that horny women of all ages can be found throughout the US.

Horniest Cities

Altogether, the results reveal that kinky and sexually experimental women are highly concentrated in the larger cities located around the West and East Coast. Take a look at this ranked list of US cities that have the horniest women:

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York City
San Francisco

Despite being the setting for the movie 50 Shades of Grey Seattle places at the bottom of the list. The movie depicts the casual sex scene their accurately, so you can only imagine the amounts of horny women in Los Angeles and the other cities that top the list.

Here are some more facts:

The time that people of these cities spend on porn sites is an average of one hour.

These horny women have a preference for lesbian and MILF porn as revealed by PornHub.

Tattooed women porn have a great charm on horny women in the US and fisting comes next.

These tendencies offer an insight as to just how sexually open these horny women are.

Wondering why these women are so sexually active? We have talked to the industry experts, psychologists and sociologists who gave us a clear insight. We are here to share our thoughts with you.


Sexually Liberal Mindset

These women have a liberal mindset and they are open to experiment including sexual experimentation. Legal procedure too has an impact on this. The society of these states are quite inclusive when compared to others. They are free from the burden of any taboos. That’s why the women of these cities and states don’t have a concern to face any harassment for being sexually active or indulging in casual sex with multiple people.

This liberal mindset applies to sexual orientation, open relationships, and other differences when it comes to the different types of casual encounters that horny people indulge in.


Experimental Attitude

The horny women of these US cities have a tendency to be experimental and they replicate what’s shown in the porn especially the teen sluts of younger generations that grew up with porn. They are open to variety and exploring new kinks rather than just vanilla sex.


Sexual Openness

Since the women of these cities have a wide exposure to various states of the world, they are more liberal about sexual activity in general. The best part is that they embrace their sexuality. That empowers them to open up with multiple casual sex partners and experiment with kinky stuff. What apparently is kinky to others, it’s not really so to them. Do to the vast exposure to sexual options these horny women get a thrill out of pushing their sexual limits.



This is a biological fact. Western women, especially those of US have a higher libido than those of the eastern subcontinent. They fully utilize this by indulging in sexual activities. When it comes to biology US cities especially on the coasts have the most biologically horny women in the world.


Economic condition

Economic condition plays a significant role in the kinkiness of women. Wondering how? Well, because women of US cities are financially independent, so they can live their life on their own terms. Even if they want to indulge into sexual affairs with multiple men or women, there are less financial limitation to pursue these casual encounters. Also, they don’t care about the judgemental opinions of other people. The society of the US is such that people don’t really bother themselves about other people’s way of life. That’s why everyone has a freedom to lead their life their own way.


Point of View about sexuality

Sexuality is a convoluted topic and every single person has a distinct opinion about it. However, social position or the surrounding environment produces a huge impact in shaping anyone’s perspective about sexuality. People in some places consider sex to be only the means to progeny. In fact, according to the primitivists or biologists, this was the concern of the primitive era. However, with the advancement in time, this thought process too changed.

On the other hand, people in some states consider sex to be a pleasure activity and they indulge into it only to derive sexual pleasure. Who doesn’t love the orgasmic feeling! The difference is some people admit this desire while others feel the need to hid it. Clearly, the women in US fall under the former category. Liberal cities allow for all types of open attitudes towards sex and this attracts horny girls from everywhere.


Availability of sex toys

The wide availability of sex toys in the US is another crucial factor. Even if the women were as experimental as now, they probably wouldn’t be this kinky if such a various range of sex toys were not available to them. This is the golden opportunity. These are widely available and horny women all over the US make use of sex toys more than anywhere else.

Now that you have learned so much about the horniest women in US cities and the cities where they are available, where do you want to hit first? Plan your tour through all of the horniest cities and rack up casual encounters with horny women from as many places you can.