No Strings Attached Casual Encounters Vs. Long Term Committed Relationships

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If you haven’t noticed, a lot of people are looking for fuck buddies to have casual sex relationships with rather than pursuing long term committed relationships. There are a number of reasons for this. Of course free local sex without any commitment is convenient and intensely satisfying, that’s obvious. Also, attitudes around gender norms and sex are evolving allowing more people to feel and act liberated. Committed relationships are a lot of work and investment and unfortunately a lot of people have found that the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

Are Committed Relationships Worth The Work?

Long term committed relationships are the opposite of casual fuckbuddy hookups. They require high levels of compatibility across many areas of people’s personalities. They require a lot of time and money. They usually require monogamous commitment both sexually and emotionally. Unfortunately, statistically speaking they don’t tend to work out that often. So many people are leaving the pursuit of these relationships aside and jumping in on the wave of hookup culture.

Fuck Buddy Relationships Are The Alternative

Why? Because they are everything that the long term relationship isn’t. They are new, fun, and free. You don’t have to be compatible across a bunch of personality traits or share common interests. You don’t even really have to like your fuck buddy. Of course it is better when you do, but it isn’t a requirement. When people want to meet and fuck for free they don’t require any commitment or emotional investment. If for some reason a local hookup doesn’t pan out, you haven’t invested in this person so the disappointment is an easy dust off compared to the crumbling of a marriage. There are similarities here to hiring an escort from a site like SkipTheGames, but the hookup buddy relationship is not inherently transactional.

The In-Between Consensual Non-monogamy

Consensual non-monogamy includes relationships that have a bit of traditional committed relationships and casual encounters mixed together. Many types of relationships fit under this umbrella term including polyamory, swinging, open relationships and more. CNM usually describes any romantic relationship in which committed partners agree to have multiple concurrent sexual relationships. A recent study of consensual non-monogamy has shown that this is a far more common relationship style than one might think. Especially for younger generations (O’byrne & Haines 2019).

Sex Positivity Driving The Revolution

Casual sex, local hookups, fuck buddies are no longer dirty words. Societies and cultures are celebrating sex and letting go of old stigmas associated with it. There are sites and apps like hookupbay, strictly for casual encounters. This allows for more people to pursue their desires without shame. Now people can browse free fuck websites or hookup apps without fear of judgement. Tools like Local Sex App were born out of these freeing ideals.